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Strategy / Branding / Advertising 

First to use Tinder for a national government campaign
This campaign's aim is to target one of the lowest demographics of registered organ donors in Australia, young men. This creative ran on a national Tinder, social and inner-city billposter media buy with great results. This campaign was funded by the Community Awareness Grants.
Our work
Leading the most successful DonateLife campaign ever
Make Mate was the lead Strategic and Creative Director for DonateLife Week, for the National Organ and Tissue Authority. We created The Great Registration Race, with advertising appearing on TV, print, outdoor, digital and on social platforms nationally. It was the most successful DonateLife week campaign ever, with over 108,000 registrations completed.
With their sweet, superior flavour, perfect texture and signature crunch, the Hellooo™ range of hand-picked Butterscotch and Sweet Sapphire grapes set the benchmark for Australian premium produce. This campaign successfully shifted perceptions about the brand and resulted in an uplift in sales nationally. 
Repositioning premium
hand-picked grapes
Promoting the most sustainable university in the world
About us
Giving a new face to suicide prevention & grieving support
Nine lives are lost per day to suicide in Australia and Tasmania has the second highest suicide rate in the country. Albie House focuses on suicide prevention and offers support to Tasmanians who have lost someone to suicide.
Uncovering the science of perfect heating and cooling
Great things happen in perfect temperatures- you work better, sleep better, learn better. You are more likley to spend more in a shop and even perform better under pressure.

Building the brand from scratch, we created Kiko Climates and a platform to show they are experts in heating and cooling, to give you the perfect temperature every day and night.