the most

of your brand.

Strategy / Branding / Advertising 


What you want might be different from what your brand needs.


We find the best way to work is to understand your brand, vision and business problems first, then we work with you to solve these the most efficient way possible for your budget.


This means you get all the results with none

of the fluff.

This can include:


Brand mentorship

Strategic direction

Logo design

Visual identity



Packaging design


Video production


Website design

Social content

We offer reduced fees for non-for-profits, B-corp registered organisations and start-ups. Contact us to see if your business qualifies.

Brand experience sample

Make Mate was founded by Amelia Micallef, an awarded ex-advertising agency Creative Director. She clocked up over a decade in the industry working at some of the best agencies in the country on both big shiny brands as well as humble down to earth Aussie brands. She has sold everything from cat food to chainsaws, muesli to museums.


Amelia is a millennial mum, which is the rarest of breeds when it comes to agency owners (under 0.1%). Her personal insights allow brands to connect with the widely misunderstood demographic of mums who make up 80% of spending decisions in Australia.


Amelia works with brands to assist with their marketing, advertising and branding. Each project involves trusted collaborators hand-picked for the projects needs, budget and time frame so we can bust out what you need in record time*

*Due to the fact that we don’t have crazy

overheads and fully-stocked-bar-fridges we are faster and cost-efficient than most advertising and design agencies.


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We are based in Melbourne and Portarlington, Victoria, Australia and also offer remote services to anywhere.

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