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First to use Tinder for a national government campaign
This campaign's aim is to target one of the lowest demographics of registered organ donors in Australia, young men. This creative ran on a national Tinder, social and inner-city billposter media buy with great results. This campaign was funded by the Community Awareness Grants.
The most successful DonateLife week ever
Make Mate was the lead Strategic and Creative Director for the 10th DonateLife Week for the National Organ and Tissue Authority. We created The Great Registration Race, with advertising appearing on TV, print, outdoor, digital and on social platforms nationally. It was the most successful DonateLife week campaign ever, with over 108,000 registrations completed.
Promoting the most sustainable university in the world
The importance of perfect heating and cooling
Great things happen in perfect temperatures- you work better, sleep better, learn better. You are more likley to spend more in a shop and even perform better under pressure.

Building the brand from scratch, we created Kiko Climates and a platform to show they are experts in heating and cooling, to give you the perfect temperature every day and night. 
What makes a place good? Curtin University’s campus in Perth offers a 6-star sustainability rating, the highest possible rating to receive. Their offering is world-class and decades ahead of their time. It makes a better place to work and study with a minimal environmental footprint for generations to come. 

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Make Mate was founded by Amelia Micallef, an awarded ex-advertising agency Creative Director. She clocked up over a decade in the industry working at some of the best agencies in the country on both big shiny brands as well as humble down to earth Aussie brands. She has sold everything from cat food to chainsaws, muesli to museums.


Amelia is a millennial mum, which is the rarest of breeds when it comes to agency owners (under 0.1%). Her personal insights allow brands to connect with the widely misunderstood demographic of mums who make up 80% of spending decisions in Australia.


Amelia works with meaningful brands to assist with their marketing, advertising and branding. Each project involves trusted collaborators hand-picked for the projects needs, budget and time frame so we can deliver what you need when you need it.